Children’s Birthday Party On A Budget

Scrapbook. This is also a wonderful little remembrance to send along with thank-you notes. To make it more interesting, pose kids with costumes or props which relate to the party theme.

Magicians and magic tricks are still a favorite too. But today’s magicians pull out all the stops when it comes to entertaining the birthday crowd. Some will even provide treat bags for the party goers to take home with magic tricks they can do at home.

Oh, we’ve got omnivores. Sort of. I’m part of that group, though even among omnivores there’s still the organic-only bunch, the no-GMO, no-HFC, no-sugar/white flour bunch; and the no-beef-or-pork-or-lamb-but-chicken-and-fish-are-consumable bunch. Hmmm.

The rule of 3-33. For every three people willing to tell a positive story about an experience with your company, there are 33 others who will tell a horror story.

Go easy on the sugar. Sure, you get a little boost right after eating a candy bar or drinking a soda, but then you crash as insulin is produced in your body. Also avoid the heavy deserts like cake and ice cream after dinner. A better choice would be fruit or a handful of nuts instead.

Invitations #2: A birthday cake is another classic symbol for any birthday. Photo images help to bring to life many projects and activities. The choices of cakes are unlimited. A good option for this birthday cake is to choose their favorite cake.

Celebrity birthdays never really registered very high on my radar and didn’t seem all that important in the grand scheme of things. Given my status as Stephen King examiner, this one probably should’ve occurred to me. 120 articles under my belt and i’m still a noob. How do you like them apples?